George Soros

Businessman and Philanthropist

George Soros is worth $24.9 billion dollars, but he started with nothing but a desire to succeed in business. He was born in Hungary in 1930, and because he was Jewish, he was forced to leave the country during the 2nd World War. He moved to England and attended the London School of Economics, where he learned about business.

Soros really wanted to work in money management, but he couldn’t find a job doing that, so he worked as a waiter and a railway porter instead. Determined to get a job at a financial institution, he wrote to every managing director at every merchant bank in London, asking for a job. Most didn’t even reply, some made fun of him when they interviewed him, but one guy (a fellow Hungarian) hired him, and his financial career started.

He went on to be a trader in New York City, and eventually ran his own investment firm, which was very successful. He has written several books about world financial affairs.

As soon as Soros made good money, he started giving it away. He started in the 1970s, giving money to black students in South Africa so that they could attend college. He later gave billions to help end poverty and expand education in Africa.

He also gave billions of dollars to help former Eastern Block countries establish fair and democratic governments and educational facilities, including $100 million to make the internet more accessible in Russian universities. In the United States, Soros has used his money mostly to support political causes that he believes in. Soros has given away over $7 billion over the course of his life!

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