How to Rock at Public Speaking

Public Speaking Tips The ‘C’s, ‘S’s and ‘P’s

The 4 ‘C’s While you may be the one speaking, speaking isn’t really about you. It is about your audience. The 4 Cs will help you get in the mindset to give a great presentation.

  • Content – What is my message? Get this clear in your mind before you create yourpresentation or video.
  • Consideration – Who is my audience and what is important to them?
  • Confidence – What confidence tips will help me give a good performance?
  • Contribution – How will my speech help to inspire others?
The 5 ‘S’s make you look really confident • Stride • Stand • Smile • Speak • Stand

The 5 ‘P’s make a nifty tip to remind us how to use our voice

  • Projection – Make sure people at the back can hear you, but you don’t deafen those at the front!
  • Pace – Keep a steady pace to make sure you don’t exhaust your audience. You may like to vary the pace to keep it interesting, for example slowing down to build tension, speeding up to increase excitement.
  • Pitch – Vary your pitch to keep your voice interesting to listen to.
  • Pronunciation – Make sure all your words are clear.
  • Pause – Don’t be afraid of a moment of silence. Pausing will give time for your ideasto sink in.
With thanks to Jump Training & Development for the C’s and S’s.
ABC tips for speaking to younger children
The 3 A’s Attention span: Younger children have a shorter attention span. Keep your talk or instructions short. Appropriate Make sure your language and examples are appropriate to the age range. Action Kids learn by doing. So get them involved. Songs, actions, games, role play, stories, pictures or props are great ways to demonstrate your point whilst keeping your audience engaged.
The 3 B’s Be yourself As a guest in the school, the students will automatically be interested in you and what you have to say. So be yourself. Be fun Kids like to have fun. Smile and enjoy what you’re doing. Be prepared Practice, practice, practice before you give your presentation. The children will get more out of it and so will you.
The 3 C’s Control Keep control of the group by following any school rules. The teacher is there to keep control of the classroom. Ask for their support if you need it. Confidence Be confident when you speak. Young kids are more likely to pay attention when you show you are confident. Care They will be looking to you as a role model. Be yourself and be a good example for you and We Are What We Do.
SOURCE: we are what we do

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