8th Grader Pairs Shelter Dogs With Owners

ForrestHey everyone, this is a great idea from an 8th grader using the internet to solve a problem.

Aiden Horowitz, a 13-year-old girl, decided for her school project she would create a website that pairs people wanting to adopt animals with their ideal shelter companion.

The website was created for an elective class at her school, the Austin Jewish Academy, called the Passion Project.

Aiden’s website, “Dog Do, or Dog Don’t,” asks potential owners to fill out a 13 question survey that collects information on what kind of house they have, whether they have children, what kind of resources they can provide for the animal, as well as several other metrics.

Once the survey is complete, it adds up the scored and displays all the compatible dogs listed on the Austin Pets Alive! website.  This is an animal rescue organization out of Austin, TX.

Aiden says the website has already had over 10,000 clicks and has resulted in 5 adoptions.

Great Job!!  Holly, you would love this!

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