Honda Week of Service

CrossThe other day my mom had to go in and get her car serviced, so I went with her and we spent the day together by also having lunch and running a bunch of errands.

While we were there I met this really nice man who shared with me that This Week was Team Honda’s Week of Service across the country.

All Honda Dealerships, with their employees, were involved in service activities in their communities.

The dealership that we were at had 20 people volunteering at Feeding Tampa Bay, 6 people were at Ronald McDonald House and 12 people were helping at Trinity Café, which is a free restaurant serving hot meals to people in need throughout the year.

This, of course, is what got me excited, because you know how interested I am in helping everyone have enough food!

When I came home and went on Honda’s website I saw that more than 20,000 volunteers were planning on being involved, throughout the week, in 550 service activities across 48 states in the U.S.

That’s a lot of people helping in their communities!

It made my mom happy to know she had a Honda, and that the company was doing such great things to help others.

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