About Us

Daisy Button Believes that Anything is Possible!

Thank you for clicking in to learn more about Daisy Button and her courageous team of believers, founders, creators, partners, and sponsors. We are over the moon excited about our adventures together and the difference we are making for kids, their communities and the world.

What is Daisy Button Believes?

The inspiration for Daisy Button comes from an empowering series of stories written by Tracey Serebin in 2010 about 7 multi-racial children who work together to maximize their talents, accomplish their goals, help their friends and have fun in the process. Through launching her book series Tracey traveled all over the country speaking to kids and families, educators and specialists.

She discovered kids not only wanted to read her stories about everyday kids making a difference in their communities.

  • They also wanted direction and guidance on how they can make an impact!
  • They wanted to bring their own inventions to life
  • They wanted to raise money for a cause
  • They wanted to start their own business

There are millions of kids that want to break through the walls they see holding themselves and others back from becoming their best selves. They just don’t know where to start!

What are Believers?

The headlines are filled with stories of kids trying to get their ideas off the ground and for each one that makes the news, there are 1000 more that never get that far. The number one reason is a lack of tools created for them, in their voice and in a way they can use them and access them appropriately for their age and understanding.

Tracey decided to do something about this!

She assembled a team of accomplished go-getters to share and build on her vision and together they have created what’s now been called “A Linked In for Kids” = DaisyButtonBelieves.com.

Kids can connect with other kids making change, raise money for their ideas, ask questions to an expert team of advisors, and research the best way to accomplish their goals – all in the “language” they are used to, a social media, profile-based platform of sharing and caring, supporting and inspiring others through unique posts and contributions.

That’s what Daisy Button Believes is all about, that’s our mission = Helping kids start their engine of change – one dream at a time.

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